Since 1994, SAM Xlation has been your reliable partner for high-quality translations and localization services. Our team is made up of experienced language specialists who handle your multilingual projects professionally, efficiently and reliably.

The founders of SAM Xlation, formerly SAM Engineering GmbH, gained extensive experience as Localization Managers and Project Engineers at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). They were in charge of the internationalization (I10N) and localization (L18N) of various software products and custom applications at one of DEC’s international localization centres. They were responsible for simultaneously introducing these products in all Eastern and Western European language markets on platforms such as VMS, UNIX, DOS, Windows, and Macintosh.

When they established SAM Xlation in 1994, they brought extensive engineering and translation management expertise with them to best serve our clients. At first, our IT expertise enabled us to specialize in software localization. Over the years, we have consistently expanded our service portfolio and successfully extended it to many other industrial and business sectors.

In memory of Hans-Joachim Pajatsch

Hans-Joachim Pajatsch, co-founder of the former SAM Engineering GmbH in 1994 and Managing Director until 2009, sadly passed away in August 2023.

What we offer

Translation of Technical Documentation: ISO-certified processes and over 30 years of industry experience

Software Localization: Adapting your software for the global market

Terminology Management: Ensuring consistent and accurate technical terms across all languages

Multilingual DTP: Print-ready documents in multiple languages


Heike Klaum-Frenzel

Managing Director


I am watching out!

Sigrid Müller


Christine Gabelmann


Felizitas Fiedler

Project manager

Isabella Aulbach

Project manager

Nadine Stritzinger

Project manager

Olga Hepperle

Project manager

[‘sæm eks’leɪʃən]

Carolin Gruber

Project management & Resources

Markus Kuhn

Project manager

Judith Stenzel

Project manager

Maria Lofi

Project manager

Fabian Bönisch

Project manager

Annie Gourio

Copy editing & Proofreading

Ingo Sonnenschein

Ingo Sonnen­schein

Terminology & Language technology

Todor Ivanov

Software administrator

Dietmar Wenz

Software administrator