Products and services can only be successful if they are adapted – localized – to the linguistic, technical and cultural characteristics of the target country.

This involves more than just translation. It also includes adjusting the texts to country-specific standards, symbols, colours and units of measurement, as well as considering cultural aspects and conventions.

Therefore, localization means translating and adapting the content of a product or service so that it is perfectly tailored to the specific conditions of a particular market.


30 years of experience in translation and localization

Around 600 qualified specialist translators, proofreaders and post-editors

Translations according to the native speaker principle.

More than 90 language combinations

Quality management in accordance with ISO 17100 and ISO 9001

Use of regular translators or fixed teams of translators

Qualified project management with dedicated contacts and deputies

Consideration of cultural aspects in the target language

Adaptation to country-specific standards

Use of the latest translation technologies

Creation and maintenance of your corporate terminology

Creation of style guides

Internal and external copy editing – cooperation with your foreign branches possible

Localization. Ensuring your products make an entrance on the target market.

Our standard languages

Successful translation and localization in all major languages – with resources, experience and expertise.

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for business and industry

From press releases, brochures, flyers, marketing materials, business reports, etc., to contracts and operating instructions – we are your all-round translation experts for documents of every kind.

Our highly qualified specialist translators, all native speakers, predominantly reside in the target regions and are at home in various fields of expertise.

Thanks to our long-standing experience and our relentless pursuit of quality and customer satisfaction, we have earned the trust of reputable companies from around the world. Discover why we are among the leading providers in the field of language services. Find out why we are a leading provider of language services

We have a close, trust-based relationship with over 600 translators, global translation partners, editors and post-editors going back many years.

Our customers are well-known national and international companies from a wide range of industries. Our expertise, our many years of experience and our high standards of quality and customer satisfaction make us a top provider among quality language service providers.

specialist areas

Plant engineering
Automotive industry
Banking and finance
Electrical engineering
Power engineering
Development aid

Manufacturing technology
Pelletizing technology
Heating and air conditioning technology
Information technology
Internet of things
Agricultural machinery
Marketing & PR

Mechanical engineering
Medical engineering
Measurement, control and regulation technology
Optical devices
Human Resources
Project engineering
Testing technology
Quality management

Textile engineering
Packaging machinery

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Software localization

A software package usually consists of the software itself, the online help and the associated documentation (manual). In addition to the user interface with its dialogue boxes, menus and buttons, the online help, documentation, licence agreements, advertising and packaging material must also be translated.

Compared to a “pure translation process”, a software localization project usually involves considerably more files, which are also available in a wide variety of formats and require additional steps, such as compiling the online help, testing the localized software and online help, creating screenshots, and much more besides.

With software localization, the technical expertise required by project managers and software specialists and the requirements for technical equipment and available tools are considerable.

Any questions?

Questions about language combinations, other specialist areas, file formats, an upcoming translation project or your workflows in general? We can look back on 30 years of experience in the translation and localization sector and work with you to develop customized solutions and optimized workflows for your translation projects.


If you send us your files – regardless of the format – we will be happy to provide you with a quote. In addition to your original files (including graphics), we need as precise a description of your project as possible: target language(s), availability of reference material or previous versions, translation memory databases, terminology and your preferred deadline – and anything else that is important to you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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